Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Davis, CA is Nation's Only Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly Community

Interested in knowing why Davis is the only League of American Bicyclists' Platinum level Bicycle Friendly Community? Here are a few links to tell you about Davis as Bike Town USA:

A "platinum level" bike ride through Davis, California
by Gene Bisbee at 10:42AM (PST) on February 6, 2008

League of American Bicyclists Description of Davis, CA

Davis, CA community wiki

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mandjhinterberg said...

Hi Rick and everyone,

This is my uber-dream for Ft. Collins bike visibility -- literally, I had this daydream while out for a ride on day:

When we extend the Powerline Trail across Harmony, how about a multi-use (non-motorized user) bridge across Harmony? In my vision, the bridge is adorned with tasteful, representative art, and "Welcome to Fort Collins" signage, similar to other well-known signs in towns such as Golden. This way, we have a very visible and beautiful image to present to the world, with bicyclists and pedestrians silhouetted at sunset with the iconic foothills in the background. This would be a picture that would stick out in the minds of would-be tourists and our Platinum City award application.

I know that Old Town is the true heart of Ft. Collins, but Harmony is the realistic gateway and thoroughfare for citizens and visitors alike. We would drape seasonal event signs on the bridge, similar to Loveland. This would provide safe passage for the newer developments in SE Ft. Collins, and naturally link/draw cizens down harmony towards the Mason Corridor.

That's my vision: I know it's expensive and perhaps lofty, but I wanted to share this vision. Cheers!