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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bike Safety Education an Economic Development Issue in Fort Collins

At its January 6, 2010 meeting the City's Economic Advisory Commission voted unanimously to recommend that Fort Collins City Council ask staff to review the City's bicycle education policy. The recommendation comes in light of Council's work session scheduled for February 9 on "transportation safety."

Dear Mayor and City Council,

The Economic Advisory Commission, as part of our 2009 and 2010 Work Plans, has had discussions regarding the fact that Fort Collins has been recognized as a “bike friendly community” and that there is a positive economic benefit to this based on marketing and quality-of-life. In light of the pending February 9 Council work session on transportation safety, the EAC, at our January 6th, 2010 meeting, discussed the issue of bicycle safety and education and the impact on the overall viability of being a “bike friendly community.” It is in this context that the EAC has voted on and agreed to the following recommendation to Council:

The EAC finds that Bicycle Safety Education is an important part of being recognized as a “bike friendly community,” and that this recognition plays an important role in the Economic Health of Fort Collins.

Accolades that Fort Collins receives as a great place to retire, work, raise a family or locate a business are jeopardized by twenty-five serious injuries or fatal bike/car crashes involving cyclists since 2007. Incidents such as these may seriously jeopardize our image as a bicycle friendly community and our ability to continue to receive such recognition.

Therefore, we encourage you to ask staff to explore best practice solutions to take bicycle safety education to the community.

Thank you,
Christophe Febvre and the Economic Advisory Commission

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