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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fort Collins Needs a Few Scramble Crossings

If you have ever watched students rushing to class at Elizabeth and Shields or Laurel and College you've seen that those intersections might benefit from scramble crossings. They would be most beneficial for bicycles but pedestrians would use them as well. In a scramble crossing (also called a diagonal crossing or crosswalk) motor traffic from all directions stops at once and pedestrians and bikes can cross any of four crosswalks or diagonally in the middle of the intersection. Next time you are at College and Laurel or Elizabeth and Shields before classes stop and watch. Imagine a scene like the one shown in the video here.

And then think about a diagonal bike and pedestrian crossing like the one shown here.


Ideobranda said...
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Dan said...

I dig scramble crossings. They had them all over Auckland, NZ and it was really neat to see pedestrians and bikes take over the intersection for 1 phase, then cars do their thing for the remaining phases.