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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Modest Sales Tax Increase will Yield Big Results

Letter to the Editor of the Fort Collins, Coloradoan
Sept. 11, 2010

As an avid cyclist, former business owner and member of the city's Economic Advisory Commission, I value the quality of life that we enjoy  in Fort Collins, and I support the modest tax  increase proposed by City Council on the November
ballot. By my count, I pay more in tips at coffee  shops and restaurants in Old Town than I would pay  with this slight tax increase.

Our sales-tax rate is one of the lowest among Front  Range cities, yet I am delighted with the quality of  life we have created. But don't take my word for it. In 2010, Money Magazine described us as a "terrific  small city" and shows a table with our local tax rate  half that of the other Top 10 small cities on their  list.
What will we get with this sales-tax increase? Fewer  potholes and cleaner bike lanes for safer cycling,  more parks and better trails and, if we're lucky, more  police officers who can figure out how to get  Colorado State University students to stop running  stop signs on their bikes.
Is Fort Collins a great town, or what? Let's keep it  that way. Vote yes on ballot issue 2B.
Rick Price, Ph.D.

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