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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cyclists Eye View

This is a good video for adults, high schoolers and even middle school kids.  The League of American Bicyclists packages this film on its DVD for League Cycling Instructors and I've used it in teaching brief introductory classes to Drivers Ed Instructors on "how to drive around bicyclists."

Produced by the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition and the City of Long Beach, Featuring League Cycling Instructor, Chris Quint from Long Beach.  


Zmapper said...

Now vehicular cycling is a good start and is preferable to sidewalk cycling now, but no place will ever get the 60% mode split of Groniegen, the 40% cycling rate of Assen, the 22% cycling rate of Copenhagen by actively promoting vehicular cycling in all cases.

People just do not feel comfortable sharing Shields or Harmony with traffic. You are not going to get interested-but-concerned by just showing them the video and saying "Good Luck." Even the current bike lane next to 50mph traffic scares most people away.

Whats needed is a comprehensive networks of cycle tracks and segregated bike lanes like Holland and Denmark have been installing for the last 50+ years. A network that people feel safe to cycle on.

If this site is truly interested in having Fort Collins be bestowed with the platinum label, then we need to move forward from policies that have failed us.

oriello said...

I reckon that the cost of building a completely separate transportation system for bikes would be unaffordable and, I think, has already been rejected by Plan Fort Collins in their long range Master Transportation Plan. But a combination of education across the board (kids, parents, CSU students, motorists, businesses, law enforcement,etc.) and innovative engineering efforts (bike lanes, cycle tracks, bike boulevards, and so on) my take us to 25% mode share for bikes. I'd like to see that by 2015.