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Friday, April 1, 2011

Is This another "Bike Path Election?"

Published in the Fort Collins Coloradoan March 28, 2011

Is this another bike path election like the one in 2007 when ultra-conservative political consultant Andrew Boucher wrote that the election that spring was about bike paths?

"What issue will decide the April election? Bike paths. No, seriously. Bike paths," wrote Boucher with some derision. Boucher claimed that if we wanted bike paths, we should support business candidates. Never mind that business candidates, in the past, have seen our bike program as frivolous window dressing.

At the Nov. 18, 2009, entrepreneurs' forum sponsored by the city's Economic Advisory Commission, on which I serve, I asked a panel of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists what we needed to do to attract more business. They responded, "just keep doing what you're doing." These panelists explained that they located in Fort Collins because it has a highly educated work force, is a great place to raise a family and, yes, because it is a great place to ride a bicycle.

My support in this election goes to those who support our great quality of life, our parks, our education system, our natural areas and our bike program, all qualities that will attract businesses that value these assets.

Join me in supporting Ross Cunniff for mayor, Lisa Poppaw, Gerry Horak and Kristin Stephens. This slate of candidates will make a robust council that will build on what we have worked so hard to create.
Is this another bike path election? I believe it just might be.
Rick Price, Ph.D.
Fort Collins

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