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Monday, March 5, 2012

Fort Collins Bike Library Proposal, 2010 - 2011

North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization

CMAQ Project

Scope of Work 2010 & 2011

Date:           November 11th 2009

Project TitleFort Collins Bicycle Library

Sponsoring Agencies:  City of Fort Collins

Staff Contact: Dave “DK” Kemp

Title: FC Bikes Coordinator, City of Fort Collins

Prepared by: Dave “DK” Kemp

Email address:

Phone Number: (970) 416-2411

Fax number:  (970) 416-6239

Agency Name:  City of Fort Collins, Transportation Planning & Special Projects

Agency Address:  250 N. Mason, PO Box 580, Fort Collins, CO 80522

The FC Bike Library Program has been awarded Congestion Mitigation Air Quality grant funding prior to the submittal of this scope of work for 2010 & 2011.  This scope of work is unique and includes the continual improvement, refinement, and expansion of the FC Bike Library program.  These activities includes improving marketing and operational practices.  Expansion includes adding more bicycles to the FC Bike Library fleet and incorporating more community partners in the way of schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations. 

The FC Bike Library is similar to a regular City library, but instead of checking out books, you check out a bike.  A customer interested in participating in the bicycle library can sign up at the bicycle library station.  To become a member of the bicycle library all you need is one form of identification, for instance, a driver’s license, state ID, passport, or green card.  A credit or check card is also necessary for deposit.  After the member’s information is recorded in the bicycle library database, they sign a one-time insurance. New members are then able to check out a bike for as short as an hour or for as long as five days at a time. 

The bicycle comes fully equipped with bike lights, a lock, basket, and snap on fenders, in the event of inclement weather.  Should the bicycle encounter any mechanical difficulties beyond a flat tire, an emergency phone number will be provided to assist the bicycle library member.

Since the inception of the FC Bike Library (FCBL) in 2008, the program has received vast local, regional, and national media attention pertaining to the success of the program and its benefit to the Fort Collins community.  This program has demonstrated its initial success by attracting nearly 4091 library members and generating over 44,840 vehicle miles traveled as of September 2009.

2008 & 2009 Accomplishments
  • 150 bikes currently operational in Bike Library fleet – 200 bicycles by December 31st 2009. 
  • 4091 bike members signed up with bike library as of September 2009
  • 30 volunteers are signed up to assist with FCBL operations
  • State of the art website created to track bicycles, members, vehicle miles traveled and evaluation process.
  • City owned space donated to Bike Library in order to conduct fleet maintenance, storage, and check-out.  This constitutes part of the local ‘in kind’ match.
  • Downtown check out station (Café Bicyclette) donated by Downtown Development Authority.  This constitutes part of the local ‘in kind’ match.
  • Three check-out stations to date:  1) Old Town Square 2) 222 LaPorte Road.
3) Colorado State University Campus (Lory Student Center)
  • Close coordination with local participating stakeholders to ensure success of program (Convention and Visitors Bureau, Downtown Development Authority, Colorado State university, and local businesses)
2010 & 2011 Goals
  • Create sustainable financial plan to continue on-going program operations after 2011. 
  • Expand the program to at least two additional check-out stations in south Fort Collins, utilizing local partners such as bike shops and other local businesses. 
  • Incorporate the partnership between Bike Library with the City’s Safe Routes to School program and the Poudre School District.
  • Develop two self service pilot check-out stations at two local hotels in Fort Collins (north and south areas).
  • Develop web-based program and logistics protocol regarding reservation and group lending program.
  • Encourage at least three major employers (100 employees or more) to carry small fleets of bike library bikes to be used by employees for errands. 
  • Expand and develop CSU campus check out station. 
  • Close coordination with local participating stakeholders to ensure success of program (CVB, DDA, CSU, and local businesses).
  • Expand fleet of total bicycles to 350 bicycles City-wide by end of 2011. 
  • Seven total check-out stations, including self-service and staffed, City-wide (not including major employer fleets). 
  • Promotion of bicycle safety education materials to all FCBL members and participating partners. 

2010 & 2011 Scope of Work:

I.                   2010 1st Quarter – January- March

a.       Work with City Bike Coordinator (FC Bikes program) on public pelations campaign for 2010 & 2011.
b.      Seek customer feedback and community input on FCBL service and operations improvements.
c.       (January – February) Prepare for re-opening two stations downtown and Colorado State University. 
d.      Grand season opening March 2009 with 200 bicycles in fleet ready to roll. 
e.       Begin developing plan to expand bike library program into to local business, hotels, and additional stations in south Fort Collins. 
f.       Begin developing long-term sustainable financial plan
g.      Begin development of reservation and group ride lending program.

II.                2010 2nd Quarter – April – June
a.       Two hotels identified to take part in pilot self-service check out program (details, logistics, contracts in place by end of June). 
b.      At least three major businesses identified to carry small bike library fleet.
c.       Enact reservation and group ride lending program
c.   Two additional check-out station locations identified (details, logistics, & contracts in place by end of June).
d.   Determine estimation of additional bicycles needed to fulfill future check-out station locations. 

III.             2010  33rd  Quarter – July – September
a.       Continue working with CSU to assess their need for bikes and expand fleet. 
b.      Purchase additional bicycles as needed to fulfill future stations and expansion.
c.       Implement two new check-out station in south Fort Collins (August)
d.      Implement two self service check-out stations at two hotels. (August)
e.       Concentrate efforts on new station management and process.
f.       Determine Safe Routes to School fleet needs (safety education/training opportunities)

IV.              2010  4th  Quarter – October – December
a.       Close for 2010 season first week in November
b.      Review online registration & data base for tracking bikes
c.       Move out of old town Kiosk for winter to allow ice skating rink operations.
d.      Bicycle inventory and end of year fleet and program assessment. 
e.       Review and adopt long term financial plan.

V.                 2011 1st Quarter – January – March
a.       Bike Fort Collins prepares for reopening of two downtown check-out stations.
b.      Review and evaluate 2010 strengths and weaknesses, make programmatic adjustments accordingly. 
c.       Attend to program partner needs and considerations prior to grand season re-opening. 
d.      Bike Library grand season re-opening (end of March)

VI.              2011 2nd Quarter – April – June
a.       Determine frequency of bicycle use among stations and adjust fleet numbers depending upon over or under accommodation levels. 
b.      Measure success of new self-service and staffed check-out stations
c.       Purchase additional bicycles as needed.
d.      Review and evaluate strengths and weaknesses associated with major employer fleets. 
e.       Check status of long term financial plan – evaluate

VII.           2011 3rd Quarter – July – September
a.       Monitor, problem solve, evaluate Bike Library strengths and weakness
b.      Place newly purchased bicycles as needed
c.       Focus on program administration and day to day operations
d.      Long term financial plan operation refinement.

VIII.        2011 4th Quarter – October –December
a.       Close for season first week in November
b.      Review online registration & data base for tracking bikes
c.       Bicycle inventory and end of year fleet and program assessment. 
d.      Ensure application of long term financial strategies are in place for 2012 & 2013.


Evaluating the effectiveness of the project over time
Specific tasks and quantifiable objectives for those tasks include:

  1. Survey local participating businesses in the program after deploying all bikes. 
Objective:  Determine success of program as well as identify needs for program refinement. 

  1. Update FC Bike Library website to reflect 2008 & 2009 efforts as well as include all 2010 sponsors, stations, and participating businesses. 
Objective:  Updated website reviewed approved by Project Manager.

  1. Prepare and deploy 200 bikes by April 2009
Objective:  Measurement of the number of bikes deployed on any specific day through the web-based inventory control.  This inquiry will also provide data to determine the average length of daily bike trips.  The ongoing measurement tool will offer an online questionnaire sent to each user who checks out a bike.  The actual deployment of bikes and calculation of average miles used will be ongoing and reported quarterly.  Our annual reports will summarize these quarterly reports.

4.   Specific quantification of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reduction, traffic congestion and air quality improvement will be calculated based on user surveys and collected web-based data. 
Objective: Determine participation rates, member counts, and miles ridden per month (VMT = air quality savings). 

2010 & 2011 Financial Budget:

Projected Expenditures
Contractual staff labor/ contractual overhead/training/ development

Bicycle Accessories – Lights, Lock, baskets, fenders

150 additional program bicycles and replacement parts

Programmatic Marketing
Website Development

Bicycle Facilities /Installation
(kiosks, shelter, bike racks)

Total Projected Expenditures

2010 Budget
2011 Budget
CMAQ Grant


Local Match
“In Kind”
 Downtown Development Authority (DDA) & City of Fort Collins





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