Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fort Collins Named #2 Place to Live in USA

Fort Collins recently was named the number 2 (#2) place to live in the US by Money Magazine. According to their online posting:

"One of the first things you notice about this Rocky Mountain city is that practically every new road has a bike lane. Even the wheelless can get in on the action now that Fort Collins has a bike library: Residents and visitors can check out a bicycle for up to seven days, free."
This is down a notch for Fort Collins since the same poll put our fair city at #1 in 2006. Not to worry, though, since we lost the number 1 spot to Plymouth, Minnesota. Have you ever tried to ride a bicycle in Minnesota in winter? Neither have we, but still . . . . We'll take #2 any day!

Above, two bike library patrons check out bikes for the week: "We want to try them a bit before deciding if we should buy our own bikes." bike li

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