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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Boulder Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Platinum Bike Summit


Boulder City Council sponsored a Bike Summit Sept. 7, 2007 with the purpose of achieving Platinum status from the League of American Bicyclists.

Among the suggestions coming out of the summit:  
  • World class recreational cycling for all ages;
  • Bikes on Transit;
  • Wayfinding initiatives;
  • Bike Education in Schools;
  • Bike Service Stations;
  • Car free zones;
  • Active Living Business Cluster.

"The bike summit was attended by nearly 100 people, inclucing leaders from the bicycling community and staff from a number of local agencies, who gathered to brainstorm a vision of of vision that would make Boulder the bicycling capital of the world in 20 years.  The pdf Bike Summit Report is a recording of the recommendations and initiatives identified by summit participants.

The summit was a collaborative community effort. City staff's primary role was to listen carefully and to facilitate a broad and open discussion amongst participants, with no attempt to explain why something wasn't feasible or how it didn't fit into current city plans.

Follow some of these links for more on the Boulder initiative:

From the report on the summit:

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Team Flower Fist said...

Give bicycles the priority in Old Town. The idea is that the streets are for bicycles, the cars just happen to be on them too, not the other way around. Take an example from Portland and create bike boxes at lights. Clean up bike lanes from debris especially when winter comes and the bike lanes are full of snow, or when that snow melts, no more pushing all the sand into the bike lanes. If a bike lane ends, allow bikes to take up the full lane. Work towards a Car-Free old town and make Fort Collins the best place to live in the country once again. This time without noise pollution, smog pollution, safty hazards, and the best damn community in the country!