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Monday, February 9, 2009

Support Kelly Ohlson (and our Bike Policy) for Re-Election to City Council

A letter from local cycling advocate, Rick Price:

Dear Fellow Cyclist and Environmental Advocate,

Cycling and environmental advocate, Kelly Ohlson, is running for re-election in the upcoming city election this April. For over a quarter century, Kelly has been a solid supporter of bicycling, trails, and natural areas. (He recently won Etown’s national Echievement award for his more than 2 decades of work protecting open spaces and natural areas in Fort Collins and Larimer County.)

It is crucial that Kelly be re-elected to City Council if we are to continue making Fort Collins a sustainable, bicycle-friendly community that has both a healthy economy and a high quality of life.

Because successful campaigns need financial support, I have personally committed to raising $1,500 to help Kelly get re-elected. Furthermore, my wife Paola and I have each contributed $75 (the maximum allowed per person).

I’m writing to ask you to contribute to Kelly’s re-election campaign. Your financial support is vital! Won’t you help today by going to Kelly’s web site and matching my donation of $75? Or mail your check to: Citizens to Re-elect Kelly, 2040 Bennington Circle, Fort Collins, CO 80526. The election is only a few weeks away.

Thanks for your support and as you pedal those bike lanes and bike paths or hike those natural areas and do your birdwatching at Wigeon Pond, think of Kelly!

Thanks! (and please circulate this to your friends!

Rick Price, Ph.D.

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